light-bulbIf you have not registered to extend your temporary protection, it will expire on 31 March 2024. In this case, you will lose the benefits that come with temporary protection, such as the right to humanitarian aid or free access to the labour market. For more information on temporary protection, see Informačním portálu pro cizince.

I'm Ukrainian


Temporary protection in the Czech Republic


Information on the conditions for applying for temporary protection, the state humanitarian accommodation system and the list of Regional Assistance Centres for Ukraine

Change of accommodation

Financial contributions, living needs and housing


If the conditions are met, people granted temporary protection can apply for specific financial contributions to cover basic living needs, housing costs, etc.


Extension of temporary protection


Information on the extension of temporary protection in 2024

I need to extend my health insurance

I need to extend my health insurance


With the extension of the temporary protection, it is also necessary to extend the health insurance with your health insurance company.


Looking for a job


We can provide information about work permits and job vacancies in the Czech Republic. Job consulting is also available.

health insurance

I am dealing with a change in health insurance payment


After 150 days from the granting of the first temporary protection, the method of payment of health insurance changes.


I need health care and insurance


Information about health services and insurance for Ukrainians, the possibility of free care and the conditions of entry into the Czech Republic.

Temporary protection

I am dealing with expired temporary protection


We will advise you on how to get temporary protection again if you did not manage to extend it in time.


I need help


We will advise you on how to arrange an interpreter, material assistance, financial support, psychological help or funeral arrangements for a loved one.


I'm looking for information about schools and kindergartens


We will give you advise on how to enroll children in schools and kindergartens. Universities offer support for students, academics and researchers from Ukraine.


I want to drive a car in the Czech Republic


Information about the validity of Ukrainian driving licences in the Czech Republic and the possibility of obtaining a Czech licence.


I am leaving the Czech Republic


Have you decided to return to Ukraine? Learn how to do it the right way.