I am leaving the Czech Republic


Give up temporary protection before departure

If you are planning to return to Ukraine permanently, you should give up the temporary protection you have been granted in the Czech Republic before you leave.

Ifyou have a biometric passport, come to the Regional assistance center for help to Ukraineexternal-linkIf you don't own it, visit the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interiorexternal-link

Give up temporary protection you can also from the territory of Ukraine. In this case, please contact department of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kyivexternal-link or on the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Lvivexternal-link.


Only take with you the documents that prove you have been granted temporary protection (your passport, where your visa was stamped, etc.). You don't need anything else with you to waive temporary protection. Employees of the Regional Assistance Center for Help to Ukraine or Ministry of the Interior workplaces with you fill out the necessary documents on the spot. 


Inform the health insurance company about giving up temporary protection

You can notify the health insurance company of the end of temporary protection in person at the client's workplace, or by e-mail, or via an online form. At the same time, you must submit/attach proof of the termination of your visa and return your insurance card. Check with your health insurer for the most appropriate method of notification.

When your temporary protection ends, your health insurance in the Czech Republic ends - you are no longer obliged to pay insurance premiums and are no longer entitled to reimbursement for health services.


Before you leave, we recommend that you check with your health insurance company, if you're not in debt to them. If so, it must be paid, or you will be liable to a penalty. If you do not tell the health insurer when your temporary protection ends, you may owe the health insurer for the premiums you owe, including penalties, which the insurer must recover from you.

For more information, visit your health insurance company's website or on the website of the Ministry of Healthexternal-link.


Inform your children's Czech school of your return to your home country

If you want to confirm their attendance at a school in the Czech Republic for recognition purposes in their home country, ask the school to issue a certificate. The form and further information can be found on the edu.cz websiteexternal-link.

The Ministry of Education and Culture recommends demonstrably inform the school of their return to their home country, which will formally terminate them on the school's records based on the information, without issuing any certificate of actual termination. The way of proving communication should be defined by the school in the school regulations, somewhere it is in writing, through the school information system, in the pupil book, etc. 

The school can, of course, on the basis of this information, ask for the return of borrowed equipment, textbooks, make a financial settlement, e.g. for meals, etc.


Sort out your tax affairs

File a personal income tax returnexternal-linkif you are obliged to do so (e.g. because of your business, employment, etc.).

In case the tax subject (Ukrainian) is registered with the tax administrator, if there is a change of registration data with the departure to Ukraine, these changes must be notified to the tax administrator on the prescribed form (it may be a change of the address of residence, or the address of the declared residence of the foreigner in the territory of the Czech Republic, change of delivery address, or other data). The form "Notification of change of registration data" can be found on the website of the tax administrationexternal-link.

If the Ukrainian is currently involved in any tax administration proceedings (either as a tax subject or as a third party), it is advisable, in view of the principle of cooperation, to report his/her contact details to the tax administrator if there is a change in these details or if the tax administrator has so far had only an address in the Czech Republic.